Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh, NOW I get it!

There's a new, interesting development this morning. You know how when you stay at a hotel, and you don't want a maid to come in and disturb you or something, and you put that little "shh! I'm sleeping" thingy on your door handle? Well, I wake up this morning bright and early and see one of these on Jill's door! Then it all clicked, it all made sense. Jill thinks this is vacation! She thinks this is her hotel away from home! THAT explains why she never cleans, never buys bathroom or kitchen supplies, and never wakes up at a normal time for people who need to get their day going and accomplish something. In fact, I've heard her say that this time away from Seattle is her time to "find herself." Isn't that what high school girls going on a trip to Europe for a few thousand dollars say in order to justify a ridiculously expensive vacation that many adults can never even experience? If I had to pick one saying that pissed me off the most, I think it would be when people talk about finding themselves. This "girl" is 29. That means almost half of her lifetime has passed her by already. If she hasn't "found herself" yet, I would guess that it's time to stop trying and get over it. Find a life, honey, you're not gonna find yourself this way.
But back to the door sign thing. WTF? I just find that rude and offensive. I am not your maid. I may be the only one around here who vacuums or cleans the kitchen and bathrooms, but that doesn't make it ok for you to put a little paper on your handle saying you're still asleep. If I want to listen to music in my room across the hall at 1150, you better believe I will! Or if, like last week, I want to vacuum at 12-fucking-30 PM, I will. It totally explains her habit of just leaving mess wherever she feels like leaving it though. I mean, why wash your dishes more than once a week? You're on VACATION in a beautiful city! Why wake up before 12? It's fucking vacation time! UGH!!!
By the way, it is now 1156, and she has yet to wake up... 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Case of Arrested Development?

UGH! It's almost 3 in the afternoon. Today Jill emerged from her room at an astounding 11:30 am (AM! This is the earliest I've observed in a while...). I may have had something to do with that though. Around 10 I heard a knock and the door and didn't answer it, knowing that her room is right above the door and this would compel her to get up. 
Anyway: I have the full series of Arrested Development on DVD in the living room, and the past couple weeks Jill has been watching it all day. Now, I don't mind my roommates watching my dvds, that's why I leave them out. What I DO mind is when they take the box sets down, open them up, take the dvd they want out, and leave the box and other dvds lying around on the floor. I must have put them away 3 times this week alone. One of those times was the morning, and low and behold, she's watching it again and AGAIN it's on the floor! ARGH!!! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ok, Seriously? I get off work at 3:45 and walk home. I'm about 3 blocks away when I realize I've left my keys at work. Awww damn! Wait, not so fast, Jill NEVER leaves the house, surly she can let me in, right? So I give her a ring to see if she's around and will do so. After several rings, she answers and sounds totally disoriented and sleepy, but she lets me in anyway. Seriously. The girl was in her pajamas. At 4pm!! I woke her up! Now, normally I would apologize for so obviously getting someone out of bed, but not at 4. no sir! It's not like she's sick or anything, just sleeping for the sake of it! UGH!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Late night antics..

OK! This is the story that really caused me to turn to internet ramblings about my nutty roommate. As I've mentioned before, Jill normally wakes up between 12-1pm. She also goes to bed around 12. Not too late... Anyway, I've hardly seen her this past week because I've been coming home around 12am, and waking up and leaving LONG before she gets out of bed. But Friday night/Saturday morning at 4:30 I woke up to use the bathroom and saw the kitchen light on. I thought that was weird and figured I'd turn it off after using the loo. But then I heard dishes clanking around in there. Now, who the hell is in the kitchen at this crazy hour, thunked I? Well, sure enough, Jill's light was also on, a fact I had not noticed earlier. What a nut.
I let that slide though. Maybe she's just having a rough night and can't sleep? MAYBE she's getting caught up on all those dirty dishes she leaves all over the place all the time? maybe?? 
Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. In the morning the mess was just as big, if not worse. 
Then came Saturday night. I woke up around 2:30 to use the can. This time the light was on in her room and she was talking on the phone loudly. SO WEIRD! I mean, it's not like she's up until 2:30 and talking to a good friend or something. She always goes to bed before me....
this is all very strange. I'm confused, irritated, and perhaps a bit scared. 


So I've been joking for quite some time now that I should start to keep a journal of my roommate's activities. Or lack thereof. Well, after an odd weekend, I've decided it's finally time to make good on that promise and record her day-by-day antics here. Either this will be mildly amusing, or very, very boring. We'll call her "Jill" in order to make this easy, ok? I only wish I had started this earlier. I begin a real-life, full time job a week from tomorrow and I feel like not being home at all during the day will really screw with my observations of my roommate's habits. Here's what the average day in her life looks like though: Jill wakes up around 1pm. That's right, ONE PM. 1300. AFTERNOON! Then she'll get up, toast her tortilla with butter flavored spray for "breakfast"(lunch?) make tea, an watch tv for the next hour or two. Or three. Now, this isn't just any tv she's watching, it's my dvd collection, which she digs into, then leaves all over the floor. doesn't bother to put them back in the nice stacks I arranged before. And you'd think she'd get it after the 10th time I came and cleaned it up after her, right? wrong. Maybe she came from a household where she's used to people cleaning up after her? ugh. 
Anyway, most of the day looks like that. Eating, not cleaning up after herself, monopolizing the living room and the tv, and all of this while not getting dressed. Must be a rough life. Finally around 4pm Jill will take a shower and get dressed. Then she'll go take a dance class or two at, and be back around 7ish to finish off her busy day of eating, making a mess, and sitting there. 
My main beef, which I think I will probably repeat later on, is that she is home just SO much, yet never cleans a thing! I can't remember the last time she's taken out the trash or swept the floors. I don't think she's ever vacuumed or cleaned a bathroom. But she's here more than any of the other roommates (there's 4 of us, total), so it only stands to reason that most of the mess must be her's. At the very least she could do an even share of work, right? 
Anyway, we'll see how this blog ends up working out. I may just delete it after a couple weeks or something, if it's boring....